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Issue: 2017-10-25, PHOTO: Kylie Campbell

For Patrick Jackson, the owner and operator of Changing Gear, it seems like only yesterday that he moved from Vancouver up to the Yukon, but 20 years later he’s still here using his experience and passion to run a successful store... more

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Issue: 2017-05-17, PHOTO: Els Lundgaard

It’s May. The time to spring-clean which, for me, means emptying out my closets and passing on the gently-worn-but-no-longer-fitting clothes to someone else to love. Especially my jeans, which have survived my hopes of losing weight or growing... more

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July 10 Issue

“Garage sale-ing” describes the act of heading out on a Saturday morning, coffee and local classifieds in hand, to find the next steal-of-a-deal. more


Stuff's got to be old to make it worthwhile for Tara Hale to hit the pavement bright and early every weekend. Hale and her sister Sandy Schmidt have a standing Saturday morning garage sale date from May to August — no friends, no kids, go light and g more


G"Daryl, are you up yet? We have to get moving if you want to get anything good from the yard sales." It's my upstairs neighbor. We had made plans to go yard sales today."Just give me a second I will be right out," I call as I change out of my pyjama more


​Yard sales are interesting places to observe human nature. The best moment is when you have to look the homeowner in the eyes and negotiate the price of that Password game. It says 25 cents, but you know that's just the starting point. But you don more