The long and colourful history of the Yukon is full of men and women who came from all over the world and found great success up North. The best example of that is probably “Big Alex” McDonald from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The undisputed “King of the Klondike” owned 30 claims on the four richest creeks before the end of 1897, yet still managed to die broke on Clear Creek in 1909.

But what about those who moved in the other direction? People who were born and raised in the North, but went Outside to find their successes? Ah, that list might be somewhat smaller, but perhaps more interesting. Author Pierre Berton, raised in Dawson City, comes to mind. International fashion designer Catherine Regehr, daughter of Whitehorse lawyer, Henry, is another contender, as is actress Amy Sloan. But how many other “Yugoners” are out there somewhere and what have they done? That is the premise of this new What’s Up Yukon series, which we hope becomes a steady, long-running staple of informative northern success stories. There is only one qualifying rule: The candidates have to be Yukoners by birth and/or upbringing before they became Yugoners as adults. Of course, Atlin counts as the prettiest little ol’ town (NOT) in the Yukon and we will also not be nitpickers about pre-natal technicalities like your mother having a complicated pregnancy that means you were born in Edmonton or Vancouver. (It wasn’t your fault!)

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Issue- Jan13/2021

PHOTO: Erik Pinkerton Photography