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A thimble is a little cap worn on the finger while sewing. Common in past days, maybe not so common today (unless you are a quilter), a thimble can also be used to make a characteristic imprint on a traditional Christmas cookie. Read more

The festive season is upon us and so too is food for entertaining. Here is a trio of dips, ones that can be made ahead, to serve with healthy and crisp bagel chips. Serve with bright red pomegranate seeds for a tangy taste and bright colour. Read more

Nuts of many kinds (both the human and plant varieties) were common about town in early Klondike days. Nuts keep well, have great flavour and add crunch and texture to sometimes bland situations. Read more

With fall come many fruits, particularly juicy plums – lovely large dark ones and smaller golden plums. Either variety will work well in this easy-to-make dessert. Read more

What to do with the pumpkin after H-day? Here is a delicious and heart-healthy pumpkin and sweet potato stew, fragrant with spices to bring smiles to both older and younger folk. Read more

Yukon Halloween

For the Thanksgiving table, nothing could be finer than Yukon cranberries prepared with the zing of oranges. This is a very simple, very delicious way to celebrate the bounty of our Yukon forest. Read more

Beets are one of the "super foods" – extremely high in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. They also happen to grow well here in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Read more

While a fish stew exists in many cultures, our northern fish shines like no other in the version presented here. Choose a firm textured fish and incorporate as many fresh vegetables as you can get. Using the barbecue keeps the fishy smell outdoors... Read more

Wild raspberries are yours for the picking in a ditch or river bank near you. Take advantage of our warm summer weather and gather plump, succulent red Read more

Here are two lightweight and quick-to-prepare recipes sure to deliver loads of flavour and little weight while being carried in your pack, canoe or kayak. The taste of a meal increases dramatically when eaten in our fresh Yukon outdoors. Once you... Read more

Those long and much anticipated golden days of the summer solstice are upon us. Go out and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. When you get back, relax with a refreshing glass of Lemon-Limeade and a light Lemon-Lime cookie to dunk into it. Read more

Along with the crocuses, up come new buds on 'artemisia frigida', better known as wild sage. Aromatic, especially when crushed, sage is a silver-grey-green member of the mint family. Gather these lacy leaves from local hilltops and make this warm... Read more

Spring is finally in the Yukon air. When it takes hold, one can hardly remember when we were in the midst of those long winter days. Invite a friend or two and brew up a cup of tea to enjoy with a slice of this lovely, fragrant cake. The addition... Read more

In old Klondike days, about the time of spring break-up, often all that was left in the cabin larder was a bag of rice. With a few weathered, withered and dried vegetables, even a prospector or miner could rustle up the vittles in a stir-fry like... Read more

Our cool northern climate is similar to conditions in Ireland where so many potatoes (with Irish eyes) grow plentifully. Yukon Gold potatoes, along with the humble cabbage, are the ingredients for a simple, satisfying and cheap soup. Accompanied... Read more

Garbanzo beans, although relatively bland, have a rich texture that can be easily perked up with herbs and spices. For vegetarians, legumes are a standard source of protein, so variety in the bean preparation is always welcome. Read more

What is Valentine's Day without chocolate? Cut into heart shapes and sprinkled with a dusting of icing sugar, these are moist and not too sweet. They make a nice presentation on a dessert tray or a happy surprise in a lunch bag. Read more

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PHOTO: Pat McKenna

Wild meat, made into sausage, is a versatile protein food that can be used in all kinds of healthy dishes. Caribou, moose, bison and elk make great sausage and are a popular way to use the bounty of hunting. Read more

Steak and Kidney Pie has been a Boxing Day tradition in my family. They go "Box" (shop) and I make the pies ... mmm ... Read more

The bright-red colour and tart flavour of Yukon cranberries complements Christmas feasts beautifully. For a change, try baking cranberry sauce ahead of the big day. Adding thyme and some Northern sage imparts a nice woodsy mellowness. Read more