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Issue: 2015-04-30 PHOTO: G. G. Murdock/Library and Archives Canada-PA-022493

Yukon is a pretty organized place if compared to the rest of Canada. With almost 33 per cent of workers unionized, according to the Yukon Bureau of Statistics, we boast the highest union density per capita. Read more

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On my second day teaching at Porter Creek Secondary School (PCSS), I found myself introducing an officer from the Canadian Armed Forces to students from the Social Justice Club. He was invited to speak about his experiences providing aid to victims Read more

Making A Difference!

Paula Thompson said it best. "I'm in awe of primary teachers. They're amazing, amazing people. They just know what to do." Thompson oughtta know. She's a former teacher and a former principal. Now she helps teach teachers. Read more

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Exciting. But also terrifying. That's how Paula Thompson sums up her feelings about the beginning of a new school year. She could be referring to what many students go through as summer wanes and the classroom beckons ... Read more

Yukon Education

Dave Brekke had been married less than a year when he tried to increase his life insurance. He was refused, and told that his life expectancy was only 10 years. That was in 1961. Read more

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