A Never Ending Quest: Beyond Nutrition

In the winter of 2010 I began my studies with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition out of Ontario. I was compelled to begin learning about healing there, and I was excited.

The courses began by focusing on foods and how they affect the body. I learned how to balance bodily systems by reviewing a person’s nutritional habits and physical symptoms of concern. I was able to figure things out with confidence. For example, I could determine whether a person’s skin conditions were caused by digestive difficulties and toxic overload, or hormonal imbalances. I could also assess whether problems such as joint pain resulted from toxic overload, a urinary imbalance or an arthritic-like issue.

I was constantly aiming to improve people’s digestive systems, which is linked to a lot of physical and emotional symptoms.

I also studied topics that use a more holistic approach to health. In my Symptomatology II course, I learned how stress and emotions can affect various parts of the body. Anger, for example, can be stored in the liver and we typically hold fear in our kidneys. Our bodies tell us when there’s an emotional issue we should deal with — we just need to learn to listen.

Healthy eating is only one piece of the puzzle for ultimate healing and happiness. I have been eating healthy for almost four years now and it wasn’t until I began to develop my own spiritual beliefs about energy, the universe and using intuition, that I felt complete and radiant. Previously, I always sensed there was some type of void in my life, despite my loving and supportive family and friends and my beautiful, sustainable homestead. But, these new discoveries are filling that void and giving me real purpose.

What began as a search for nutritional information is growing to lengths I didn’t know possible. It is a search that never ends.

I hope to continue encouraging my family and others to grow as well. I have decided not to continue my nutritional column with What’s Up Yukon so I can have time to pursue my quest for knowledge and personal growth.

Thanks for the great feedback I’ve received. I invite you to send me questions, comments and concerns to [email protected].

Amoree Briggs lives in the Yukon countryside with her family and has just completed her diploma in holistic nutrition.

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