A New Home for Music, Musicians and Music Lovers

On a warm, sunny afternoon, I found myself staring up at the sign for Foxy’s Cabaret which boasts food, fun and fantastic company.

The unassuming facade hides one of Whitehorse’s newest music venues.

Stepping indoors, I immediately notice the red lanterns lighting my way into the large open space inside.

One is immediately surprised by how large the inside really is and the decor creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Mahalia McGowan, one of the co-owners, and all the staff immediately greet me as I enter adding to the already cozy atmosphere.

Foxy’s Cabaret, which opened on May 8, is as much a newcomer to the Whitehorse bar scene as I am.

With a smile on her lips, McGowan recounts how they were still putting the finishing touches to the dance floor when they first opened.

As we sit in the shadow of the stage, McGowan tells me that ever since the Taku Inn closed, there has been a sense of displacement for many people in the area because of the lack of live music venues.

She explains that Foxy’s Cabaret intends to cater to people in their mid- to late-twenties and upwards who want a place to come, relax and listen to live music.

Aiming to fill the void left by the Taku Inn as a place for people to appreciate live music, Foxy’s Cabaret wants to have all kinds of musicians pass through its doors, ranging from rock and roll, blues, as well as cover bands.

The owners are hoping to create memorable moments for both the musicians and patrons. They stress that they will focus more on live bands rather than DJ and electronic music since other bars in Whitehorse already cater to this crowd.

“We wanted to create a clean, safe environment for people to come,” says McGowan as she ascends to the second floor giving me the grand tour. The second floor offers the best view of the stage; gazing down below you can almost feel the energy in the air as all the staff work excitedly below us.

When asked about where the inspiration for the name Foxy’s Cabaret came from, McGowan said it arose from nights when they were sitting around a table and brainstorming, saying that they were looking for a foxy bar scene for all of the foxy ladies in town.

It’s clear that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears has been poured into the venue by everyone involved. “We wanted it to be a musician-friendly environment,” says McGowan. “The stage area was even designed by musicians.”

Since the bar has only recently opened, McGowan says they are going to be experimenting with a variety of events in an attempt to see what the patrons respond best to. They are looking into having a variety of theme and speciality nights including one already in place, Whitewater Wednesdays.

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