A Place of Colour and Sound Where There Is No Sound


My favourite place in the Yukon is Kusawa Lake. It is the place where we live, by a lake in the mountains, which changed its direction three times and is breathtaking with colour – purple lupine, fireweed and wild roses – while aspen, willow and poplar?crowded down to the water’s edge from the higher hills that were crowning largely with spruce.?But there is no silence in the mountains, for always there is wind and something in its path.?The wind blows from different directions and with varying speed, and you are happy if the wind speed is not in storm strengths, especially when you are responsible for your boat and/or your crew and you can go boating or go hiking in the mountains.?There are a few places where you can find silence – in some valleys like Takhini River (upper), Devil hole, on the bottom from Mount Porsild or just near the shore where the bedrock hits the water.?Here you can hear nothing!?There is no wind, no noise, nothing but the sound of your boots or the sound of your boat.?The time goes by and, especially in September, the colour of the leaves changes?and I am listening because there is no silence in the mountains.?Next year, the countryside will be green again and I will be watching the lake, thrilled of the awesome stillness and solitude.?And I tour the wilderness of my favourite place, in high style, never far from showers and hot water.

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