A Runner’s Complaint Sheet

The following table usefully divides parts of the running, jogging or even walking experience into handy categories that you can rate to judge your own satisfaction with your cardio workout if you happen to choose one of those forms of exercise on a regular basis.

For your interest, I’ve compared my own recent satisfaction with jogging in three different environments in the last month.

Please add your own columns and complaints categories as necessary, for your own records.

Unfortunately there is no customer satisfaction division to call when our exercise goals are only being set by, and met by, ourselves and our own sets of judgement.

But there is plenty of complaining and data-analyzing that can be done between stretching out the quads and returning to work/play/life as if nothing adrenalin-inducing just happened.

Ratings are out of 10, where 10 is excellent and one is lousy.

Meg Walker is a writer and visual artist living in Dawson City.

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