An Idyllic Spot to Woo a Sweetheart


It is a tough assignment to pick one favourite place in the Yukon. As an old Banff friend of mine told me, “Never compare mountains; they are all different and all wonderful!”

And that is how I feel about special places in the Yukon.

At this moment, my favourite place is a beaver pond on the legendary Dempster Highway. As you drive past the interpretive centre, heading south, you overlook a beaver lodge built beside a sloping bank.

About 30 feet away is a smaller lodge built at the foot of a pine tree on a little island.

Interspersed in the pond are little grassy hillocks surrounded by still water, and off in the distance you can hear the murmuring of a mountain stream.

If you watch closely for ripples in the pond, you will see a beaver head emerging, followed by a strong, sinuous body.

The beaver, busily portaging a leafy branch in his mouth, heads for his lodge and disappears from sight.

A beaver would be hard-pressed to find a more idyllic spot in which to woo his sweetheart.

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