Artist and Helper for Sick Children

I want to graduate from the Academy of Art University [in San Francisco] as a designer and when I go there I also want to study photography. I want to do these things because I have fun with them and a passion for them.

Being inspired by many things is very exciting because you get to think about how it’s going to work, you have to sketch it out and find the right fabrics and colours, and this goes for both jobs.

On the side of all of this I also want to help very sick children. I would like to work with a group like the Make a Wish Foundation. I want to get to talk to the kids and have fun with them. I think it’s important to at least give them a chance to find who they really are and want to be before their time comes.

I really think this is the right path for my career, because it’s easy for me and very inspiring. Being inspired by something everyday of my life is the best job I could every have.

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