As Luck Would Have It

The WLRA (Watson Lake Riding Association) is a non-profit group that has been an active part of the volunteer network in our community for the past 14 years.

Our mandate is: development of our local equine facility, equine education and youth development.

Our members are delighted that your sculpture will display the magnificence of the horse to enrich so many lives.

Our wish to you: May everyday be an inspiration in your life.

This special piece of metal, and the story that goes with it, will be part of The Whitehorse Horse sculpture that will be placed at the new Whitehorse Public Safety Building. The artist, Daphne Mennell, hopes you will contribute your own piece of metal and story to the thousands of others that are needed by the end of July. The metal should be approximately 11 inches square and a magnet would stick to it. Please see the Highlights Page of this paper for the drop-off point in your community.

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