Boredom can be a terrible thing. No one likes being bored.

Who wakes up and says, “Today I hope I have nothing to do. Today I want my day to be empty, my schedule completely bare and my life dull”?

But the fact is, it does happen from time to time.

It’s how we cope with boredom, rather than the boredom itself, that is critical.

If done without thought it can lead to bulging waistlines and unhealthy addictions. Or worse. Much worse.

With nothing better to do, our brains sometimes decide eating would be a nice option. Thus, we become prone to Snack Attacks!

I myself have fallen victim to my share of snack attacks – as if my boredom actually speaks to me, whispering, “It’s okay. Grab that bag of Zesty Cheese. I won’t tell.”

That same boredom draws me into watching shows I would normally avoid like the Black Death.

It doesn’t happen often, but when I do let the boredom take over, before you know it I’m watching trash TV and screaming, “Not Bentley!” at my television set.

Don’t judge me, Yukon. As I said, boredom can be dangerous and make you do bad things.

If it isn’t boredom-induced snack attacks, sometimes those suffering the dulldrums turn to nicotine – not the healthiest of choices, but certainly not the worst action of the bored.

The thing about smoking and eating and watching The Bachelor or American Idol or Antique Road Show (I said don’t judge), is that they only impact the victims of boredom.

I wish I could say the same about the individuals who recently used their boredom as an excuse to wreak havoc on our fine city.

Lacking something better to do, these people decided that attacking a community theatre with rocks would be a smart move.

Instead of their consciences telling them to eat chips and watch bad TV, they opted to take rocks to the newly-renovated building.

Out of boredom, they decided to smash the windows of a space that provides hours of entertainment for thousands of Yukoners – not to mention the outlet it provides to many hard-working performers in the territory.

Way to go, bored ones.

And the Guild Hall isn’t the only victim.

Last month, some youths with nothing better to do allegedly decided to set the Canada Game Centre on fire.

A fire in the very building that has put Whitehorse on the map with its state-of-the-art facilities that attract more than 750,000 visitors on an annual basis.

How bored must you be to anger that many people?

To make matters worse, you do so in a building that offers endless boredom-quashing options.

Work out. Swim. Play soccer. Shoot hoops. Work on your backstroke. See how long you can last in the sauna. Ride the slide. Play volleyball, floor hockey, ringette, badminton, hula-hoop.

Heck, if a snack attack sets in, there are even vending machines.

Of course, the Yukon is not alone when it comes to vandalism.

Look at the morons in Vancouver who put a huge mark on what was a record-breaking year for the Canucks.

Here is a team that was one win from capturing the Stanley Cup, but the big story is the riot.

Ah, boredom.

But there are cures to boredom. It’s not too late … and I’m not just talking about snack attacks and trash TV.

How about volunteering?

There are plenty of events that could use the help.

The Terry Fox Run. The Run for Mom. How about the 2012 Arctic Winter Games?

Instead of throwing rocks, pick up a ball and glove and get some exercise.

If all else fails and you’re still bored, do what I used to have to do. Try weeding.

Get into the garden and start tearing up roots.

I spent many a day as a youth weeding for my mom.

I didn’t like it at the time, but I now realize it was good for the garden and it was good for me. Most important, it was good for my community.

Stop being bored. Get a hobby.

Or, at the least, head to the community garden and start weeding.