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When I finish Grade 12, I will become a Computer Technician because half of my life I have spent my time on computers. I have helped my family and friends by fixing their computers when they needed my help. Now, my goals are to know the parts of the computers, how they work, how they’re made, and where they are placed.

My Dad still has to teach me the other steps of reformatting though. I want everyone’s personal and shared computer to be safe and secured from viruses that attack your computer. I want to install, repair, maintain, and analyze different types of computer equipment, including everything from laptops to computer systems that monitor changes in the Earth’s atmosphere.

I would train in Vancouver to train in troubleshooting a software and hard drive issue and graduate as a Computer Technician.

When I come back home, I would set up a free summer clinic teaching every step of reformatting every week until my students know how to format. There would be no fees, everything would be free. I also need to have the budget to buy and build a computer. I would buy the cheap parts (for starters).

I might never know if volunteering every time would turn it into a job. Volunteering at a school or your friend’s house would help me put something in my resume. I still have a lot of time to learn though, even if I am still a child. I am learning a lot today.

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