Dear Mister Ed

The dangdest part of gettin’ on in years is theres less and less folks that can recall the same stuff you do from when you was kids.

For instants, I dont reckon you ever sat in yer parler lissenin’ to the latest news on the wireless about how the war was gettin’ on.

Leastwise if you did it was’nt the same war I’m thinkin’ on, and you probly had pitchers to go along with the story right there in yer own house.

Not us. If we wanted pitchers, we had to go to Charlottetown and pay a nickle fer the show afore we cud see the Movie Tone News.

Of coarse back then the news stayed fresh a lot longer, not like today when you find out some movie star has went to jail and 10 minnits later they come on and tell you she got her self sprung again.

When I was a kid, like as not by the time you found out what was goin’ on it was’nt goin’ on anymore, but that did’nt matter.

It was reel news about reel stuff, not a bunch of foolishness from Holly Wood. Unless it was about Betty Grayble but thats different. That was important.

In my day the news was like a good feed of oatmeal, not some breckfist thing in a box thats mostly shugar. It stuck to yer ribs and you felt full fer a goodly time after.

All these years later some of it is still stickin’. Speshully the parts with Whinston Churchill in’em.

Now even a young pup like you must of heard a few of the things Sir Whinny said. Like the one about some chickins and necks, or fightin’ on the surf and the turf and the sky.

My favrite is the one about a lotta folks bein’ in debt fer a hole pile to a few other folks. I may not be sayin’ it near as good as Whinny but you get my drift.

It aint even what he said or how he said it that I recolleckt to this day. Its how he sounded when he was sayin’ it.

My Lord that man some voice onto him, I’ll tell you that fer free. Even better’n the Ottawa lad that told the news till he got older and turned into Paw Cartrite evry Sunday nite.

So imajin how unsettled I was to find out last week it was’nt even his reel voice.

Turns out Whinny had a mouth fulla falsies that made’im sound better’n he ackshually was.

This all snuck out when some feller with more money than brains paid a kings ransome to buy Sir Whinnys old choppers.

Wheres it gonna end, Darroll? Next week some other busy body will come along and say it was a majick pen that rote all those speeches, not the grate man hisself.

Theres some things that maybe shud stay seckrit. Or maybe its true some times when folks say no news is good.

Yer pal,

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