Dear Mister Ed

Fer what its worth, life kinda got back to normal here abouts once Eva got home from her big Olympickal advenchur.

She spent the first day propped up in bed guzzlin’ cammomile tea by the bucket to get her nerves cammed down, but now shes up and bouncin’ fast as ever.

Unkle Walt is rite as rain at last, and even Crazy Maisy aint so hard to take now shes off the cookin’ sherry.

Had to laff last month when them gofers down east perdickted we was in fer get six more weeks of winter. Its pretty cleer they never been out to these parts, where winter never showed up at all.

Them hairy purpul flours has been bustin’ out evrywheres fer more’n a month, and even the trees has started to green up reel nice.

I and Walt is up to our ears in organnical seeds and the green house we put up where his bride useta play tennis is all gussyed up and ready to go.

Eva was none too pleased to hear it wud take two or three years to get the place sertifyed as a bona fidy organnical farm, but she aint about to let that get ‘er down.

Shes still fixin’ fer I and Walt to fill up the big rock garden with food stuff thats growed without the help of anythink from a labbatory.

And she still plans to give evry bit of it to folks thats scratchin’ to get by, save fer what the four of us need to keep body and sole together.

Y’know Darrol, somethink struck me when I was over to Vancoover to fetch Walts one and ownly. Theres an eleckshun comin’ fer sure.

Whilst the bus rolled thru the farm land near the fairy docks, I got a powerful whiff of somethink familyer.

It cud of jest been some feller sprayin’ his front 40 from what got hosed off the barn floor, but to me it sure smelt pollitickal.

The same noshun must of dawned on Eva too, and thats got ‘er steamed up fer a new undertakin’.

Beleave it or dont, my new Aunty-in-law is gonna run fer Parlament. If that aint bad enuff, she wants to start a brand new party to do it with.

“We got a Blue Party and a Red Party, a Green Party and even an Orange Party. And a fat lot of good its doin’ us” she says “What we need is a Gray Party.”

When I ast if that was’nt what the Sennits all about, she jest laffed.

“I aint talkin’ about another rest home fer old party stamp lickers” she says. “I mean folks that still has all there marbbles and aint feared to call a spade a shovel.”

I was all set to say somethink till I seen Walt roll his eyes and put his finger to his lips.

Best we shud all buckel up, he tole me later on the Cue-T. Cud be a bumpy ride.

Yer pal,

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