Dear Mister Ed

How does that old sayin’ go about it bein’ a bad wind that dont blow some good

for some body some wheres?

I aint talkin’ about the politickal storms in Ottawa and Victorya that has cabinnet folks droppin’ like hale stones.

Nor I aint talkin’ about the big blows we had down here of late that dang near whissled that bitty wee Inglish gal that tells the wether on the CBC clear off her own map.

What I mean is the winds of change that was howlin’ around the house a while back, that has finely cammed down allmost to a spring zeffer.

You recall how Eva was treatin’ us all to the sounds of silents fer one thing or a nother, like the April Fool Day stunt I mite or mite not of had somethink to do with?

Well by jingo, all on a sudden she up and started talkin’ to us again this week. In fact shes been nice as pie. And thats the seckret rite there. Pie.

Its Maisy we got to thank, with her Projeckt TPAW to help the apple farmers by gettin’ evry one in BC to eat two pies a week.

Aside from workin’ the fone evry chance she can to get other folks on board, she desided to lead the way by makin’ a pie evry single day her self.

I and Unkle Walt dont mind one bit, and we been woofin’ down pie as fast as Maisy can crank it out. Fer the first few days Eva wud’nt touch a bite nor say a word, thats how ornry she can be.

But come Sunday Maisy outdone her self, with a monster near onto two foot across and a cupple inches deep, loaded with seckret Herbs and spices even Kernel Sanders never dreamed of.

What reely done the trick was when she wheeled it to the table and shaved a bunch of fresh choklate on top. Eva did’nt say nothin’ but ‘er eyes went all googly, and I sware she near started to drool.

Then Maisy says “If yer hankerin’ after a peace Eva, all you gotta do is say.” Well Eva looks at Maisy, she looks at the pie, then she looks at Maisy and says “I wud’nt mind a taste, if its OKay with you, Maisy.”

She takes a bite and smiles at Maisy. She smacks ‘er lips and looks at Walt. Then she looks at me. Then qwiet as all getout she says to us all “Sorry I been a sour puss of late. Can I come home now?”

Save fer the fact she pollished off dang near haff the pie, things was back to normal in no time. Her and Maisy even desided to help spread the word for each a nother.

Now evry politickal call Eva makes she reminds folks to support the farmers, and evry TPAW call Maisy makes she tells ’em to vote Gray come eleckshun time.

Walt calls it gettin’ there jest deserts.

Yer pal,

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