Dear Mister Ed

Well Darrol, I reckon you allready drug out yer short pants and yer Greatfull Dead tee-shirts now you finely got dubble digits wetherwise.

The innerweb lets me keep track of that, not to menshun what else is up in the Youcon. Of coarse theres more to the innerweb than that.

Took a sqwint at a few news pages today and seen some strange things, I tell you. Like how over in Nepall the unniversitys havin’ a problem with rats eatin’ up all the exam papers.

And how in Allberta they packed this poor wee pet rat back to BeeCee, on accounta Allberta dont allow rats if they aint in guvamint.

Now it cud jest be me, but I think these storys may be conneckted in some ways. Like maybe its students in Allberta sneakin’ the rats thru the boarder in hopes the critters will eat up there exams.

Makes scents, dont it? If theres no paper to prove they flunked, then the unniversity has gotta let ’em pass out to the next grade. Rite?

A nother story that got me thinkin’ was the one about how the worlds first ever innernashunal pooteen eatin’ and throwin’ up contest is gonna happen soon. In Torronto, fer Lords sake.

Yer a man of the world Darrol, so I reckon you must of heard about pooteen.

It started in Qwebeck back 30 years or so, but I still aint sure if it was a joke on the torrists or a ways to get even with the rest of Canada fer what happened on the Planes of Abraham in 17 and 59.

What you do is, you take some genuwine PEI spuds, cut ’em into French frys and dunk them in hot fat till there all goldy brown and cryin’ fer salt and a goodly splash of Heints 57.

What makes it pooteen instead of food is, you take the frys outta the fat and slap ’em on a plate. Then you slather the hole mess up so thick with chickin gravey and cheese turds theres no room left fer good honnist ketchup.

Now some folks say its the best grub goin’. And theres some as yer better off to take a chunk of beef tallow and stick it strate in yer vanes.

Speakin’ of things thats hard to swallow, the dredded rhoobarb is all over the place down here. Poppin’ up fat and sassy like mushrooms after the rain.

I know the Youcons a few weeks behind, so let me know if you want some rite away. Heck, I’ll send you the hole dang crop.

I may grow the stuff, but that dont mean I gotta eat it.

I aint reely picky, but to my way of thinkin’ when it comes to a good healthy feed, you jest cant beat the PEI treat. A big hunk of fresh bread and lard, swimmin’ in a bowl of black mollasses.

If they ever hold that kind of eatin’ and hurlin’ contest, count me in.

Yer pal,

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