Dear Mister Ed

I sure hope you can read this, Darrol. My writin’ hand is a mite bit shakey and my head feels like I been kicked by a two-dollar mule.

Truth is I and Unkle Walt got into the green beer fer St. Paddys Day about a week too soon this year. The both of us is feelin’ none too spry, but it was a grand party all together.

Speakin’ of blarnie, I took a read of Jim Flarritys budgit the other day. Best I can say is he did’nt scrap the Old Geezers Penshun, so we dont haveta make do with fryed water. Not yet anyways.

But whats this about the guvamint goin’ to take away our foldin’ cash and make us use plastick money instead?

I never been to the unaversity, but even I can tell you the eckonomys in the dumper in the first place from too many folks usin’ plastick. How come the guvamints allways last to figger out stuff like that?

The way Eva tells it, its on accounta the politishins still bein’ so wet behind the ears.

“What can you expeckt from kids in there fourtys and fiftys” she says “and most of them boys at that? That age, they spend all there time callin’ each another names and givin’ out noogys.”

Thats why we need a Gray Party, she says. Get dignifyed folks in there with a few miles on ’em and more wimmen too.

“Gray Partys too dull of a name” says Maisy, who dont care fer politicks one small bit. If you want attenshun, she says, you gotta call it somethink thats gonna stand out from all the rest.

“If yer goin’ fer the older voters, why not call yerselfs Aggressive Perservativs?” she says with a wink to I and Walt. “Or how about the Prune Joose Party? The best hope fer reggular folks.”

Eva did’nt find that funny at all. In fact she has’nt spoke to Maisy fer three days now. Thats how serryous she seems to be about this hole noshun of runnin’ fer office.

She keeps talkin’ about these pals of hers called Nelly and Emilie and Henry-Etta. I think shes fixin’ to have ’em over to lunch some time, or go visit ’em in Allberta and talk about what to do next.

In the mean time shes on the phone most evry day to what she calls key peepul that can help get the Old Gray Party off the ground. Then yesterday she says shes gonna set up her headqwarters in Vicktorya.

“If yer lookin’ fer folks with wear on there tires, go cant beat Vicktorya” she says.

I personaly dont think much on it one way or the next. I got plenty on my plate takin’ care of the organnical food-growin’ side of things.

But poor Walt is mistifyed. Why wud you want more’n two partys, he figgers. The one yer fambly votes fer and the one they dont.

Leastwise thats how its done in P.E.I.

Yer pal,

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