Dear Mister Ed

Ihope that little Easter rabbit done you and yers proud this year, Darrol. As fer me I got no complantes on that score, but I gotta to tell you I feel like I’m livin’ in a mad house.

Here I am mindin’ my own peas and cues, with a garden to look after that takes work enuff fer 10 able-bodyed fellers my size, and all round me folks has gone stark starein’ silly.

Take Eva fer instants. Like we say in PEI, she may be small but shes wound tite. Trubble is, this new obsesshun of hers about gettin’ into parlament has drove ‘er rite round the twist.

The past few weeks shes been on the phone all hours of the day and nite, twistin’ the arms of folks that she thinks otta run fer her new Gray Party.

Four in the ayem shes up jabberin’ away at some poor old trout in the Marrytimes. Come 11 at nite shes still at it, callin’ folks on the west coast.

East or west, mostly they jest laff and say they wud be nuts to think of doin’ that when they can jest sit at home and get there penshun.

She was a tad disappointed when the primed minister did’nt call the eleckshun rite after the Olympicks. She thot it wud all be over by now so’s she cud head off to take ‘er place in Ottawa.

But now shes glad he did’nt, on accounta how long it takes to get a new party up and runnin’. She also desided not open a party headqwarters in Victorya. Too many politishuns there allready, she says.

Now she wants to have a founders convenshun this summer rite here in the rock garden, whilst I’m gonna be up to the eyebulbs tryin’ to grow organnical vegtables.

What I cant figger out is if you gotta be nuts to go into politicks, or if you get that way from goin’ into it. Ether way, seems like Eva has got her self haff way there allready.

And then theres Maisy. She was readin’ on the paper how the apple tree farmers are havin’ a tuff time, and she come up with a plan to help out.

She calls it TPAW, the Two Pies a Week projeckt.

Her thinkin’ is, if she can get evry fambly to eat two pies a week made from genuwine BC apples, the farmers can make a go of it.

Now her and Eva is arm-rasslin’ fer the phone to get the word out about there diffrent campanes. And in between times they aint speakin’ to each another.

Of coarse, Unkle Walt loves the TPAW idea. Its part of his 100-mile diet, meanin’ he’ll crawl 100 miles fer a fresh peace of pie, so long as its home made.

Now Eva aint speakin’ to Walt, fer takin’ Maisys side of things.

Reckon I shud jest hang out in the garden till the dust clears and we see whose still standin’.

Yer pal,

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