Dear Mister Ed

Next time I get a noshun to drive my own self from White Horse to Vicktoria, I want you to give my head a shake, OKay?

Now I reelize how that girl felt in the pitcher about the Wizzard of Odds. I’m pretty sure I ain’t in Kanssas any more.

It don’t help that I took a short cut by way of Attlin on accounta that’s where the traffick was all headed.

Whats the use of havin’ a smart car if the nut behind the wheel don’t have the common scents to bring a map along? But the musick was reel good, so that made up fer the time it took to get back on track.

Wished I had a buck fer evry time some feller in a pickup seen my little unit and says why dont I toss it in back and save on drivin’?

After a few thousand miles, I wished I’d of took ’em up on it.

Was’nt much wild life on the AlasCan Hiway, but the Stewart and Cassyar was bung full of critters from stem to gudgin. Foxes and kyotes and black bares, and enuff horses fer a John Wane movie.

Jest past Deese Lake there was two gristly cubs about the size of chiwawas, smack in the middle of the road. When I honked my horn, up popped Momma with a look that says she ain’t had lunch yet but I and my car wud do jest fine.

But the wildest thing I seen was a big lad splittin’ wood at a campin’ place. He was decked out in one of them skirts the Scotch fellers wear. It was all black with pockets into it, somethink he called a Futility kilt.

He was headed fer home in the Comocks Valley after paddlin’ the Youcon River Qwest, and he ast me to pop by if I made it to Vancoover Island.

Well Darrol, I finely did make it, but there was a few times in the Frazer Canyon when I figgered one of them trucks wud soon be sportin’ my car for a hood orniment.

When I got to the ferry the gal in the booth said my rig was so small maybe they shud pay me to take it on board, but I think that was jest a joke.

So here I am on the far other side of Canada from home, and I says to myself, I says “Rodney, why not make the most of it? If theres sites to be seen and new things to try, why not give ‘er a go?”

Leastwise that’s what I said till I found out folks here don’t even know how to cook.

Bad enuff they eat all there vegitables raw, but theres places they take a mittfull of rice, roll it up in seaweed, toss a live fish on top and call it dinner.

And what they do to a cup of coffee!! I’ll tell you more on that once I get some sleep.

Yer pal,

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