Dear Mister Ed

Well I got home from Dawsin to find a cupple of nice surprises.

First was that Merna planted a bunch of flours around my house whilst I was gone. Says she overdone it at the garden store and reckoned I cud use a few. A few hunderd, more like.

Now I never been one to grow things jest to look nice, like my sister Wilma done. Way I look on it, if you cant feed it to yer horse or eat it yerself whats the point of growin’ it?

Besides, to me theres no better lookin’ flour than a big row of potattas in bloom like you see back home on the Island. But I gotta admit my little place looks a tad bit better thanks to Merna.

Like they say, good naybors make … Oh drat, what is it they say about naybors again?

The next surprize was a letter from the PEI hiway folks sayin’ I can try my eye test again, after I explaned why I flunked in the first place was I had my readin’ glasses on by mistake.

Youcon Hiways agreed to let me have a go and I passed with flyin’ cullers. So yers truly is now the owner of a genuwine Youcon drivin’ license.

I even used some of what I made off of Dimond Tooth Gert to get myself a new car. It jest a bitty thing, but the sales feller says it’s a smart one. Thats good enuff fer me.

I been puttin’ it to good use trippin’ around to check out the wunderments of summer in the territry.

Holey doodle, it seems like evry ten minnits theres a festivall of some kind goin’ on.

If it ain’t blue grass musick, its First Nashionals Day. If it ain’t that or the solstiss it must be Canada Day. Youconners sure like a party in the summer.

But I ain’t goin’ back to Canada Day till they can find me a rubber duck with some noshun of what to do once it falls off the bridge. I sware a feller cud dog paddle to Sibeerya afore one of my ducks makes it acrost the line.

I see that new chunk of Hamilton Bullivard is movin’ rite along. Soon folks with nowheres to go can drive round and round all day long. White Horse cud be a reel torrist draw as the ownly place with a ring road in the middle of town.

And what in the name of glory is that Whissel Bend place all about? You cant do much in this world with a bent whissel, I’ll tell you that fer free.

Oh I near forgot. The other surprize was my new pass port came jest in time fer I and Wilferd and his fambly to spend a few days on there boat in Skaggway.

Turns out it was what they call Independants Day. My golly Darrol, with all them US flags it felt like we was in a forrin land.

Yer pal,

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