Dear Mister Ed

By jingo, my heads still swimmin’ from all I seen and done on my trip to Keeno with Wilferd and Danny last week end.

Can’t get over how many miles of miles the Youcon has, and I ain’t seen the haff of it. You cud stuff all of PEI in here a dozzen times and still have room fer a few small States and the Madeleen Islands.

And the seenery is so specktacular its rite out of a torrist book. But I reckon you know all that.

Fryday nite, we ground our way up a bumpitty road high enuff to give a goat a nosebleed, till we come to a spot where we cud see dang near haff the world.

There was signs tellin’ how far to Moskow or Millwalkee, but nary a road in site to get a feller there.

After drinkin’ it in a spell, we set up camp and hunkered down to chew the fat and wait fer the solstiss.

I still ain’t sure what a solstiss is, but it was some fun to watch the sun go down on the left, then turn around and pop up on the rite a few minnits later.

Then came the hard part. The part about tryin’ to sleep on a rocky patch of ground under a bit of yeller nylon when it ain’t even dark.

Suffise to say, I never got a wink, and I still got akey-brakey parts where I never knew I even had parts.

When daytime finely come, Wilferd sprung a big surprize. Lets go to Dodge, he says.

Darrol, if yer out fer a good time and you hanker after old-timey stuff, check out Dawsin City.

At first look you’d think the town was too cheep to buy sidewalks, so they put down boards fer folks to walk on.

Turns out its all part of the fun, like the tippy old places that don’t pay no heed to the law of gravvity.

After playin’ torrists a spell, young Danny went off to spend the nite with a buddy, whilst I and Wilferd went fer a jar at some ladys place named Peggy.

He says it useta be a sportin’ house, but there was’nt any pitchers of ball players on the wall, so I ain’t so sure on that.

Then Wilferd fills me in on his reel reason fer comin’ to Dawsin. He hands me 25 bucks and says, “Rodney, lets see if yer majick touch with cards will work at Gertys.”

So off we go to this big old place where there was some hijinks afoot, I tell you.

Evrywheres I looked, glassy-eyed folks was pumpin’ the rent money into no-arm bandits three bucks a time. Others was doin’ Black Jack and hold-em or fold-em at the biggest card tables I never seen.

And no sooner did we walk in but a big hootchy-kootchy show broke out.

But more on that next time. I’ll jest say fer now my face still feels red.

Yer pal,

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