Dear Mister Ed

Spring is sprung

the grass is brown,

think I’ll hitch

a ride to town.

I been ponderin’ of late that I mite take up ritin’ pomes to add some big bucks to my old-timers check.

Momma always said I had a way with words.

Ackshually, what she said was “thats some mouth you got onto you, mister. never at a loss fer words are you?” But I reckon it’s the same thing, nearabouts.

Anyways Darroll, that there is the first ever pome I rote so far. I hope you like it. Best thing is, it did’nt take but three days to put ‘er all together.

Speakin’ of spring, holey liftin’ Louie!!! What a diff’rence a few days can make. The swans is back, the pussy willers is back, and them little purple flowers is evrywheres.

Momma bears is out with young’uns, and evry day at five ayem I get woke up by a hunderd geese or so flappin’ and honkin’ past my place.

Folks that spent the last six months all puffed up like the Mishelin Tire Man are pransin’ around in there skivvys, lookin’ like they shucked 80 pounds off the old avwar dupoise.

Seems like yesterday you cud’nt go anywheres without hearin’ peeple gripe and moan on the snow and cold. But thats all changed. Now they gripe and moan on how warm it is.

I reckon that’s where the old Youcon sayin’ came from “if you don’t like the whether, jest wait an hour and you still won’t like the whether.”

Now some folks say the sudden turnabout is all part of the globular warm-up, but that ain’t how I look at it. I blame it on that Billy Miller fella from EnviCan that useta tell the whether on the radio.

Think on it a spell. Whilst he was on the job, the Youcon had more snow than the last hunderd and fifty years or so. But the minnit old Billy put hisself out to paschur, it turned so nice you’d think we lived in Kellowna or some such.

By my way of thinkin’, now that other old gaffer Ron MacFadgin has packed in his job tellin’ the news, the eckonomy will soon pick up, folks will stop hurtin’ each another, and evry word a politishun says will be the gospell truth.

If ownly we can get a few sports riters to retire, maybe the Maple Leefs cud finely win the Stanly Cup.

Anyways, if I had a hat I’d tip it to say Thanks fer what Billy and Ron has done fer the Youcon all these years.

Well Darroll, I think I’ll take a run to White Horse and see if I can get one of them new row-bots that cut yer grass all on there own, whilst you sit on the porch with a beer and use the TV clicker box tellin’ it what to do.

If they got one that picks up doggy doodles and bunny balls, that’s the tickit fer me.

Yer pal,

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