Dear Mister Ed

So like I was sayin’ it looks like Unkle Walt mite of started goin’ a bit soft in the head of late.

Most fellers Walts age fill up there days doin’ things like tellin’ the same story over and over, or watchin’ re-runs of Dr. Fill, or wanderin’ around tryin’ to recolleckt where they left there teeth.

Not Walt. Nossir. Here is comin’ on 85 next month, and he went and took up a new hobby. Nittin’.

Now I aint one to pass judjement, but it still strikes me a tad bit strange to see a growed man do what I allways figgered was granny work.

But that dont bother Walt none. He jest says I aint in step with modren ways and a man aint a man unlest he can reach out and touch his womminly side.

Besides he says, it aint nothin’ but tyin’ twine in nots, like boy scouts and sailors has been doin’ fer years. And where wud we get a descent feed of cod if fisher folks cud’nt fix holes in there own nets?

Walt says nittin’ is jest the tickit fer keepin’ his arthuritis at bay. And it gives his hands somethink to do so he aint allways scratchin’ hisself in a wrong place at the wrong time.

So there he is hunkered into his LayZee chair all day, with a big ball of twine in a plastick bucket down beside him, them hard stubby farmer hands jest workin’ away.

Mind you he aint got the moves down near as good as my Granny. I mind how she cud sit in the parler readin’ a book and lissenin’ to Amos and Andy, nittin’ and pearlin’ to beat the band and you cud scarce see her fingers move.

The way Walt does it is, he tucks the one nittin’ stick up under his arm pit and hugs it tite. Then he pokes the pointy end of the other stick into the twine somewheres near the front of the first one.

Next thing is, he reefs a foot or so of twine outta the bucket and swings his arm round the way you wud to mix a cake. Then he slides the twine from one stick to the next and starts all over.

And all the while the end of his tongue is pokin’ out like a little pink stoagey. He conscentrates so hard bytimes he fergets to breath and nods off, till Eva comes to give him a poke.

I still cant figger how he does it, but in jest a few weeks Walt has come up with a muffler long enuff to keep a Holesteen warm, even in a Youcon winter.

The thing is, nobody got round to tellin’ the poor old geezer how to get the twine off the sticks.

Eva calls it castin’ off, but she wont show him how.

The way she tells it, if Walt dont know how to stop, he wont be gettin’ under foot all day.

Yer pal,

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