Dear Mr Ed

I gotta get this here off my chest, OKay Darroll?

There was a bit of a fib in my last letter. Not that big a one, but a fib all the same.

It was when I told of how when we was kids we was allmost happy to see skool start up in the fall.

Truth is I never was happy to see the start of skool. Not even allmost.

Y’know how folks offtimes say we shud sellabrate New Years rite after Layber Day, on accounta thats when it feels like the year ackshually starts? Even folks thats been qwit of skool fer near on 100 years say it.

Well not me, thats a true fact. To my way of thinkin’ the day after Layber Day was allways the end, not the start.

Summer was when you learnt the good stuff like how to find frogs, or make kerroseen torches outta cattails, or steer clear of the power takeoff so it wud’nt take off somethink you was partickularly fond of.

By the last few weeks of summer all I cud think on was if there was some fast way to grow too big fer any of the desks, so’s they had to let me stay home and keep on learnin’.

Of coarse my sister was the exsact other way round. Two weeks after skool let out evry June, Wilma wud have her dolls lined up in the parler evry day, pretendin’ it was a class room and she was in charge.

Come time fer the reel thing to start again, she’d of walked the lane 20 times to make sure she wud’nt ever be late fer the bus.

She was a keen one fer the book-learnin’, jest like Momma, so it was no surprize when she grew up to be liberrian for Dingwell’s Pond P.S. #1 (and ownly).

I will admit that if it was’nt fer Wilma, I wud’nt be near as good at readin’ and ritin’ and spellin’ and that makes me greatful.

Still and all, I cant help lookin’ at things the way our Daddy did.

I dont think he ever read but two books. One was the Good Book itself, and if memry serves me rite the other one was by Zane Gray.

“No point burnin’ out yer eyes fer no reason” was how he put it. “Besides, you learn more on yer feet than on yer seat.”

Fact is, pound fer pound that Old Man is still the smartest gent I ever run across.

So when I hear folks talk about if kindygarden shud be all day long, heres what I think.

Cut the skool day in haff fer evrybody. Let ’em spend the other haff with grownups that teach the other important stuff.

Like how to tune an enjin, or feed a fambly of four, or run an ark welder, or keep an orfan lamb alive.

Or maybe read a map and fold it proper afterwords.

Thats what life long learnin’ is about.

Yer pal

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