My name is Pearl. I like taking care of my teeth so much, which is why I have decided to become a dentist. I want to treat diseases and conditions that affect teeth and gums. When I was young I always wanted to be a dentist and I watched all of the dentist shows, what they did, what they used, and how they did it.

I plan to open my own Dental Medical Hospital in Canada, in Vancouver. I live in Whitehorse now but I plan to move to Vancouver when I finish school.

I want to be a dentist because it seems more interesting and its good for a person like me, because I like taking care of my teeth and I think taking care of other people’s teeth will be a great idea. My mom inspired me to do the job, she taught me a lot about dentists.

A wonderful thing about being a dentist is protecting others from getting diseases. Many people care about their teeth so I have decided to be there for them.

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