Discovering Romance While Escaping Danger

The quest for ancient treasure is never an easy one, especially when you kidnap a reclusive romance novelist to assist you. Such is the premise for Sandra Bullock’s latest romantic comedy film, The Lost City. Joining Bullock is Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe. There is also a cameo appearance by Brad Pitt. Released on March 25, The Lost City packs a full barrel of laughs with some creative and quirky elements, such as Sandra Bullock hiking through the depths of a dense tropical jungle, wearing a purple-glitter jumpsuit. You will have to watch the movie to see how that works out for her!

‘The Lost City’ is a great film if you are looking for some much needed comic relief. The script is original, and the cinematography of the island is very beautiful

The Lost City begins with romance novelist Loretta Sage (played by Bullock) having a case of writer’s block as she struggles to finish the last chapter of her latest novel, The Lost City of D. After being hounded by her outspoken publicist, Beth Hatten, who has no filter (Hatten is played by Da’Vine Joy Randolph), Loretta finally completes it and prepares to reluctantly embark on a book tour. Joining her on some of the tour stops is the handsome and charismatic model, Alan Caprison (played by Tatum), who is well-known for being the cover model for her novels, portraying the heroic character, Dash McMahon.

Frustrated and annoyed with how the first tour date went, Loretta storms off by herself, only to end up being kidnapped. Alan tries to follow her and is able to catch a glimpse of Loretta being taken against her will. Determined to get her back, he begins a quest to save her so he can prove to Loretta that he is as heroic as her novel’s character, Dash.

When Loretta is brought to her captor, he is revealed to be an eccentric billionaire named Abigail Fairfax (played by Daniel Radcliffe)—yes, there are jokes about his first name being Abigail. He explains how he has been spending the past few years searching for a lost city, with the hopes of finding an exquisite jewelled necklace amongst the ruins. Prior to becoming a novelist, Loretta and her deceased archeologist husband used to research the history of lost civilizations. When he died, Loretta no longer continued the research. However, her knowledge of ancient languages and history is enough to convince Abigail that she will be an asset to helping him. So off they go, aboard a private jet, to the island where the lost city is.

When Loretta arrives at the excavation site, she is tied to a chair and forced to decipher the ancient treasure map. While this is taking place, Alan and Beth start brainstorming ways to save her. Unable to come up with any logical plan, they enlist the help of a tracker named Jack Trainer (played by Brad Pitt). Using Loretta’s smartwatch to find her location, Alan meets up with Jack, on the island, and together they start their rescue mission. Not all goes as planned and Alan finds himself on his own, rescuing Loretta. Together they trek through the jungle, trying to escape from Abigail’s henchmen.

While working together to survive, they start to bond and form a deeper connection. Loretta even ends up picking leeches off of Alan, who has to strip down for the occasion. Eventually, the relentless Abigail does catch up to them and forces them along, through secret caves and tunnels, to search for the jewelled necklace.

Meanwhile, Loretta’s publicist, Beth, is becoming very anxious when she does not hear from Alan or Loretta. She decides to take matters into her own hands and starts a rescue mission of her own. Upon arrival to the island, she is met with some travel challenges, but she gets assistance from a funny and weird cargo pilot who is transporting goats that he claims are his friends.

The Lost City is a great film if you are looking for some much-needed comic relief. The script is original, and the cinematography of the island is very beautiful. Both Bullock and Tatum have great on-screen chemistry together. However, it is Brad Pitt’s hilarious cameo that steals the show. The Lost City is directed by the Nee brothers, who are known for the films Band of Robbers and The Last Romantic.

Awarding The Lost City 4.5 stars out of 5.

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