Diyet van Lieshout comes from a family of musicians, singers and great storytellers. Her paternal grandmother was a Japanese opera singer and dancer and her maternal great-grandfather was an Southern Tutchone singer and dancer. It’s no wonder that she has been drawn to music, song writing and performing her entire life.

Born and raised in Burwash Landing, Diyet is a classically trained singer with a degree from the University of Victoria. Since the release of her debut CD The Breaking Point in 2010, she has had a busy couple of years touring and working towards the release of her second album, due out in May.

“The new album is braver than The Breaking Point,” says Diyet. “This album is in line with many of the shifts that are happening on a global scale. So it’s definitely an album of the times.”

Diyet also had the fortune to travel to Greenland this past summer as part of the tour for A Circumpolar Soundscape, which also toured to Denmark and northwestern Canada. The show is a unique collaboration between four distinct and highly creative female Aboriginal artists from across the North.

But that’s not all for Diyet- she’ll also be opening for Susan Aglukark as part of Northern Scene.

All Diyet could say was, “ummm, WOW!”

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