From Father to Son

When I was growing up in Winnipgeg, my father made ends meet by marketing his skills at house repair.

His business, called, R.D. Repairs, was a big part of his time outside of his regular office job and provided the pension income he had never acquired during his regular work.

In that business, he also bought, upgraded and rented houses.

I worked with him for many years when I was growing up and appreciated and learned some of his skills.

This file was one of his tools. I inherited it along with many others when he died in 2002 and, when I moved to the Yukon, I brought the tools with me as I was doing my own house construction projects.

This special piece of metal, and the story that goes with it, will be part of The Whitehorse Horse sculpture that will be placed at the new Whitehorse Public Safety Building. The artist, Daphne Mennell, hopes you will contribute your own piece of metal and story to the thousands of others that are needed by the end of July. The metal should be approximately 11 inches square and a magnet would stick to it. Please see the Highlights Page of this paper for the drop-off point in your community.

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