Hey. What’s Going on Here?

If you’re thinking What’s Up Yukon looks a little different this week, you’re right.

We’ve made some changes in how the magazine is organized. Not huge changes, mind you. Just a few things to make it easier to find what you’re looking for and decide what to read first.

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Your weekly dose of arts, entertainment, culture and recreation is still divided into three sections, but they have new names. We won’t say they’ve been “re-purposed” because that’s a clumsy word. But we’ve tried to clarify the purpose of each one.

The first section is now called This Week. As the name implies, that’s where we’ll put most of the stories and tidbits that will help you decide what you’d like to do in the next week or so. Get out your calendar when you’re reading this section.

(Around the shop, we’ve nicknamed it the “snooze-you-lose” section, but don’t let that get out.)

Most of the information in This Week will relate to arts and entertainment, but timely items on sports or other activities you might enjoy participating in, may pop up there as well.

While we’re in the neighbourhood, we should point out that the weekly Index has moved to Page 5. Our old friend from Old Crow, Alan Benjamin, will be in the same vicinity, so you won’t have far to look to enjoy Didee & Didoo every week.

The middle section has a slightly new name. Instead of Arts and Culture, it’s now Arts and Leisure. There’s a little play on words at work in that name.

In one sense it refers to the phenomenal ranges of things Yukoners do in their non-work hours: their so-called leisure time.

Don’t be fooled. We’re all familiar with the concept of “Yukon time,” but there’s nothing leisurely about the way Yukoners occupy themselves away from the workplace. The Yukon is a multi-tasker’s paradise.

Using “leisure” in another sense, this is a part of the magazine where you can slow down and enjoy the view at your leisure.

Take time to savour feature stories about interesting people doing interesting things. Enjoy the humour columns, opinion columns, food and drink columns, articles on Yukon culture, lifestyle-type articles that don’t require rushing out for tickets.

With this issue, for example, we’re delighted to introduce Norm Hamilton’s new column, The Digital Eye, which will run in this section every two weeks.

(Another bit of inside information: next week we’re launching an exciting photo contest, so Norm’s helpful advice on photography comes just in time.)

The third section of the magazine is now called Go For It. Why? Because that’s what Yukoners do. They don’t mess around when it comes to getting out and getting active.

What will you find here? In short, a lot of interesting articles about sports, recreation, fitness, adventure and outdoor pursuits. All served up in a uniqueWhat’s Up Yukon way.

Our sports coverage won’t be about scores and stats, but about people who are passionate about sports. People like Trevor Twardochleb, Team Yukon’s chef de mission for the Canada Winter Games, who is featured on Page 23 this week.

Go For It is where you’ll find stories and columns about Yukoners who like to take advantage of this wonderful year-round playground, whether it’s in their gardens, on a mountain top, on an urban ski trail, on the water, or just in the back yard looking at the stars.

Finally, a brief word about our sister publications, How’s Business Yukon andHow Ya Feelin’ Yukon. In order to ensure that these two magazines – and the fine Yukon writers they publish – get out to more people, we’ve decided to incorporate them directly into What’s Up Yukon.

Starting in February, the business magazine will appear six times a year as a special supplement to WUY. We also plan to offer more health-related stories, both in Arts and Leisure and as separate supplements during the year.

We hope you enjoy the new format – and continue to savour what our writers and photographers bring you each week.

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