Hooray for Castor Oil

Yes, I am a nutritionalist and no, you shouldn’t eat Castor oil. But it is one product that’s worth having around.

Castor oil seeds (which are removed in the process of making caster oil) are extremely toxic, but the remaining oil is applied in many cultures for a myriad of applications.

After frequently recommending castor oil as part of an integrative detoxification program, I began uncovering more uses for it such as relief from joint soreness, arthritis, back pain, acne, athlete’s foot, inflammatory bowel disease, bladder infections, and asthma. It is also helpful for wrinkle reduction and hair regeneration.

Another use for castor oil packs is treating cancerous tumours. Interestingly enough, castor oil is used to deliver chemotherapy drugs to cancerous tumours, and can help dissolve them.

It is known for its antimicrobial action (antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal); being anti-inflammatory and an analgesic; boosting the immune system; toning internal organs; and aiding stomach secretions.

This miracle oil also has direct, positive effects on the liver, which why it is such a powerful detoxifier.

There’s more.

When a wart appeared on my son’s finger, I didn’t want to use the wart treatments found in stores so I tried mixing a small amount of baking soda in with a few drops of castor oil to thicken it, and applied it to the wart. I bandaged the wart overnight.

The instructions for this remedy did state that the wart may not show signs of decline until after the 3-week treatment was finished. But after the first few days of treating my son’s wart, we saw an improvement. After about 10 days the wart was almost gone. It has now been over a month that the wart has been gone and there is no sign of it returning.

You can purchase castor oil in Whitehorse at Shoppers Drug Mart, 3 Beans and Aroma Borealis. It is sometimes called The Palma Christi so look out for this name too.


Instructions for Making a Castor Oil Pack

Warning: avoid using castor oil packs (or at lease check with your doctor) if you have cramps, ulcers, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis, or have recently undergone surgery.


High quality, cold-pressed castor oil

A hot water bottle or heating pad

Plastic wrap, sheet of plastic, or plastic garbage bag

2-3 pieces of wool or cotton flannel

One large bath towel

Soak flannel with the oil (at room temperature) so that it is completely saturated.

Get into a comfortable position, preferably lying on your back. Put the soaked flannel on your abdomen for detoxification purposes (or other specific location) and cover it with the piece of plastic. Then place the hot water bottle on top, followed by the towel to insulate the heat. Leave on for at least 30 minutes.

When finished, wash with soap and water to remove the oil. Pack is reusable and can be stored in a Ziploc bag. Re-apply for four consecutive days, for at least four weeks.

Amoree Briggs lives in the Yukon countryside with her family and has just completed her diploma in holistic nutrition.

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