How are visitors to the What’s Up Yukon website able to find my event?

That’s a great and important question. If you are going to make the effort to enter your event on the What’s Up Yukon website, you need to be sure that your Yukon events will be found by people who matter.

On our website, events can be found EVERYWHERE. Just like Frank’s Red Hot, we put that [^] on everything!
The carousel, which is the second line of content on our homepage, highlights a number of events. Typically, this is a list of events that are being advertised in our paper or that we are supporting.
The sidebar features a more comprehensive listing of upcoming events. If you look at the sidebar on our homepage, you will notice that we have a dedicated space for featured events. The events in Whitehorse and the events in the communities follow.
We go the extra mile to get your Yukon events promoted to the right people. By creating a special events grouping on internal pages of our website, we help to get your event in front of visitors that are specifically interested in the kind of event you are hosting. Almost everywhere you go on our site, the sidebar will feature a collection of events that correspond to the topic people have specifically come to our website to read about. Go to the Business Category on our website, and you can see the AGMs, municipal meetings, and more at the top of the sidebar.

We work hard to maintain high search engine rankings, and that includes how you’re events show up on our site. Your events will frequently be listed with Whats Up Yukon right below yours if you specifically run a Goolge search for your event. Even if you conduct a more general search, we frequently appear at the top of the results, particularly for events.

In addition to all the ways we post the events you send us or enter on our website, we also cover the fantastic regional events all across the Yukon. We wouldn’t have much to write about if it weren’t for your efforts in organizing AWESOME events for Yukoners. We appreciate everything you do, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your Yukon events are a success.

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