I want to learn a lot of languages. So I asked my brother, “If I want to learn a lot of languages, what should my career be?” He told me I should be a linguist. I loved the idea because I love reading books and words. So now I know what I should focus on in high school and college.

I should take plenty of English classes, foreign languages (I’m really lucky because I’m taking French in school), and even mathematics! I’m really surprised because I only know that being a linguist is all about words, words, and more words! I also have to go abroad and travel to different countries to learn about their cultures and especially their language to gain some experience.

When I researched, I remembered that I should also know which college I’m supposed to go. So I picked University of British Columbia (UBC) and I’m going to go to the Department of Linguistics. I picked UBC because it’s in Vancouver and my aunt lives in Vancouver. Also, my brother plans on going to another university and Vancouver.

I also researched some tips on having a head start on becoming a linguist. For example, if my next-door neighbor happens to be French, for example, then I should look on it not as only an opportunity for friendship, but also for learning.

Now I know what to do to be a linguist. I’m just hoping that it will come true!

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