Miles Canyon: Tranquil and Cool


The sun shines brightest there.

Well, at least it does in my opinion. And, of course, it’s prettiest on a sunny day.

The water glimmers emerald. There’s a white suspension bridge swaying high above the green sea of glitter. Brown, grey, black and white rocks. Some cut into the water, while others are smooth.

The beauty in the picture is like no other.

It can’t be reproduced.

Human hands could never create it.

Only nature going its course could create this picture.

Of course men made the bridge, but that it easily forgotten when one is surrounded by such tranquillity.

Companionable laughter gives the atmosphere the “je ne sais quois” kind of charm. Feelings of peace and happiness flow as the gem-like water carries all anxiety away.

It’s the perfect spot for spending afternoons with friends. The worn paths are great for hiking and they offer the best view.

Boaters race past, ending the silence and creating waves, but not ruining the picture, only enhancing it.

The young women there with their babies enjoy the peace, but soon become bored. Tackling their male companions, they hope to win an impromptu wrestling match. Unfortunately, the stronger males prevail and the women are soon faced with the possibility of a very chilly and impromptu swim in the emerald water. Giggles fill the air as the girls wiggle out of their binds and back to solid ground.

Trees sway slightly as a light breeze comes up, and the young adults accept it eagerly. The companions fall silent, listening to the birds chirp and the water lap at the rocks. Soon, babies are chattering away contentedly. The atmosphere works its magic on them, too.

There isn’t a sour thought in sight.

There’s a path down to the water and one of the young men is contemplating a swim. Dipping his toes in the water, he decides sitting in the shade is cool enough. Although the emerald water looks ideal for a quick swim to cool off, in reality it’s ice cold.

However, I’m content to just let my mind wander as I take in the beauty of the scenery.

How would the scenery have looked during the days of the Gold Rush? The waters were low, bubbling rapids that attempted murder on anyone who tried to pass through. Sharp, jutting rocks loom around every corner. High Cliffs on either side. Under the calm, blue skies, the churning emerald rapids hold a dangerous beauty, giving one a feeling of awe.

Not long after I fall into my daydream, one of my male companions decides to pour water on me. Unintentionally, I don’t move, thwarting any hopes he had of surprising me. In all honesty, the coolness felt good against my warm skin. Giggling, I turn to stage another mock wrestling match, more carefully of course. I didn’t want to end up in the icy water below. It would have been more cooling off than I needed.

Alone or with friends, Miles Canyon is my favourite place in the Yukon.

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