Music Man on a Mission

Am I in a club, or at a rave? Am I at a funky clothing boutique down in Vancouver or Toronto?

The CD, Melodic Trance Mission (the first in a series of 10 albums), by Robert Vallée, gives me that audio-sense memory. This CD has similarities to the Techno pop music of the 80s and to Trance, the electronic music of the 90s.

It is creative, and Vallée has mastered a very interesting collection of sounds and rhythms. It has ebb and flow within its driving beat. I think it takes someone with digital music mastery to create and endure the frantic rhythmical sound in order to find poetry within the drone of the electronics.

This music is definitely not easy-listening music, and although Vallée uses a clever play on words for the name of the CD, I do not believe it is as trance inducing as the title suggests. I can see, however, how it can put one in a zone, so to speak.

I like a driving rhythm, but found that Melodic Trance Mission induced a little too much adrenalin for someone seeking a trance. I would prefer if the rhythm could be a little more out of the head zone and a little more driven down into the floor.

Bring on the down beat.

That said, I definitely believe this type of sound has its place in the music world. I can see cuts of this CD being used as part of a sound track for a high-energy, action-packed movie, or a wild light-show experience.

Melodic Trance Missions is the first Yukon-produced Techno CD I have heard and, as I mentioned before, it is only the beginning of a continuous journey, for Robert Vallée, into the world of Trance music. I am looking forward to the next CD in the series.

Bonne chance.

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