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Wlthough many of APTN’s programs have loyal followings and place high on the popularity scale, our research has shown that a consistent segment of the network’s viewing audience regularly tunes in to APTN’s News and Current Affairs programming.

This doesn’t seem surprising, until you find out why. According to our viewers, they prefer APTN’s newscasts because they feel we tell the stories of our peoples in an unbiased and uncensored way.

And because we do this from an Aboriginal perspective, the same story is often told differently from mainstream news programming, although the facts remain the same.

Viewers also say they like to see the stories and shared experiences that all Aboriginal peoples are going through. That’s not to say APTN News shows won’t be interesting to non-Aboriginal audiences, it just means that our way of delivering the news of the day has more relevance for our Aboriginal audiences and gives them the feeling of inclusion and kinship.

It’s a way that is consistent with our culture and it’s something our News staff, from front line reporters to studio technicians to on-air hosts, work hard to do each and every day.

That’s no easy feat given the daily output of the APTN National News and Current Affairs Department.

Staff currently produce a nightly one-hour National News show from Monday through Friday, plus two investigative news programs that alternate in each other’s time slot from Monday through Friday – APTN InFocus and APTN Investigates.

The team produces all this and a new, technologically-savvy website packed with all the stories of the day.

The network’s flagship APTN National News has a two-host format. Its newscasts include stories from communities across Canada – literally from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Through APTN’s 11 regionally-located news bureaus, our reporters are able to gather the stories our peoples are most interested in seeing.

APTN InFocus and APTN Investigates look for the story behind the story. The two shows are hosted by longtime APTN on-air personality, reporter and producer Cheryl McKenzie.

Informational and educational, APTN InFocus provides a detailed examination of the issues affecting Aboriginal communities while APTN Investigates goes behind the headlines and asks the tough questions to reveal what’s really going on.

And for the insatiable news junkie, APTN National News has revamped its online content. The website, freshly redesigned, features up-to-date news stories, full articles with images and document links, and audio and video clips.

People reading online will be able to find the story or article they are looking for through a searchable and easy to navigate database, and they can also provide comments.

Internet users will also now have an insiders look into the APTN newsroom with links to the reference materials used to put together stories, such as white papers, government documents, website links and more.

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