Whitehorse Concerts brings Lynne and Julian Greenwood — and the music from 2002’s comedy-drama, Catch Me If You Can — to Whitehorse on Jan. 23.

While Lynne’s talents include performing all five woodwinds, her passion is the saxophone, which she has been playing for “many more years than I care to admit.

“Let’s just say all my life, since I was 12.”

Adds her husband, accompanying pianist Julian Greenwood: “She’s a late starter, I’ve been playing since before I could touch the floor, since I was around three or so.”

After practising law for some 30 years, Julian recently retired and has since returned to music fulltime … and Lynne couldn’t be happier. She said Julian has always been her accompanist, adding that while she was teaching theory at the University of Alaska, and Julian was working on his masters, he was always in the music department, despite the fact that it wasn’t his major.

The pair “got together through music”, explained Lynne, and have been married since 1970.

As far as the music goes, she said, “It starts at 1850 and goes on from there.”

Julian said they’re both classically trained: “We have a repertoire of various instrumentalists, I have a very typical piano upbringing, sort of heavy-duty stuff.

“There’s always been modern music that we don’t play, we leave that to the majority of musicians and play the classical niche.”

Lynne grew up in Delaware, where her school’s football teams needed half time shows. Being in the band filled a social need.

When she went onto university, she was introduced to classical saxophone and fell it love with it. She has managed to play with a 1920s radio jazz orchestra, Belvedere Broadcasters, for about six years.

The couple’s music has taken them everywhere from the Florida Keys to Central England, Philadelphia, Indiana to various places across Canada and finally to Fairbanks, where they lived when they were first married.

This won’t mark their first visit to Whitehorse, but it will be their first time playing in the area. The couple said they are extremely excited about the performance.

“We like the audience to enjoy themselves and we feel that what we do is more audience friendly.

“We have tried far-out stuff, and you have people there in Whitehorse who adore super-modern music.

“There will always be people who like it and don’t want to pretend they don’t count, because they do, but audiences usually prefer something that’s a bit more singable,” explained Lynne.

While they’re here, they will be playing at a few schools in the area, and say the experiences are generally anywhere from a proper short recital for an entire school or sharing some instruction in a band room.

“It’s nice to see kids, oftentimes they can’t get their parents to get them to a concert, so when we’re at the schools, we’re there, and they are, and we get to relate to them,” said Lynne.

For more information visit: www.whitehorseconcerts.com or www.members.shaw.ca/lynnegreenwood.

Tickets for the 8 p.m. show at the Yukon Arts Centre are available at the box office or Arts Underground or www.yukontickets.com.