As I was driving throughout Whitehorse’s downtown core recently I began to realize that things in this fine northern city are starting to change dramatically.

What changes do I reference?

Not the abundance of red and silver metal-sided condominiums erected in recent years, although I find the juxtaposition between the new-age condos and the crooked-cabinesque mini houses in the downtown area to be unique.

Nor am I referring to the extensive number of murals that decorate Whitehorse’s downtown area.

I imagine Whitehorse is one of the only cities of less than 25,000 in the world where you can find a mural of John Lennon, an eagle flying with a ribbon of the Aurora Borealis in its mouth, a first nations hunter, a sled dog team and a grizzled miner all within three blocks.

That is not what I found shocking, either.

Is it the balmy fall we have been experiencing this year?

No. Because although not typical, I wholeheartedly embrace this change despite the long-term consequences.

No, as I was driving around the other day I found myself repeatedly asking one thing – “Where have all the perverts and popcorn chicken lovers gone?”

Spoiler alert: for those not aware, KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken, call it what you want – is now closed.

Despite the illuminated sign still advertising chicken deals, the stools stacked upside down on the tables, and the odd car waiting to place an order at the drive-thru window, it’s apparent the Colonel has left the building forever.

As you take a moment to comprehend what you’ve just read, brace yourself for this next factoid.

The Adult Warehouse has closed its door as well.

You read right.

The pathway to plentiful pervert paradise is over.

The road to risqué rendezvous is kaput!

“How can this be?” you ask.

Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. While I am intrigued by those who frequent adult shops I am not a regular visitor myself.

That said, as a stand-up comedian I loved these shops; I needed these shops.

Whether it was boasting to my southern friends that little ol’ Whitehorse, a town of just over 24,000, successfully operates not one but two adult stores, or referencing it whenever the comedy ink was running dry, the Warehouse was always there for me.

And it was there just blocks from another “adult” store to boot!

To quote the guy from the world-wide-web ‘double rainbow’ sensation, I ask, “What does it mean?”

As the planet warms are Yukoners becoming less perverted and kinky?

As our economy thrives is there no longer a need for $2 dollar chicken on Tuesday?

Do we no longer need bucket of breasts and thighs?

Like the meaning of life and the reason behind the Justin Bieber pandemonium sweeping the globe I do not have the answer.

I just know that if it continues we’ll soon become just another regular town with no adult stores, no fast food fanatics and no comedy fodder . . . and I ask, “What kind of place is that?”