Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

I realize I have only included a hand full of recipes in my What’s Up articles so far. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for you that are quick, nutritious and wholesome.

Meals you can plan ahead of time

Prepare shish-kabobs ahead of time and throw them on the barbeque at your convenience. You can make a lemon-style barbeque sauce with sautéed garlic, mustard powder, pepper, sea salt and applesauce to roll the kabobs in after they are cooked. If desired, chop potatoes, add some butter and spices in tin foil and throw them on the barbeque 15 minutes or so ahead of the shish-kabobs.

Cook extra portions of roast for dinner one night and serve them again with homemade gravy on multigrain toast and a side salad.

Prepare dinner the night before by chopping vegetables, marinating meat, soaking beans, chopping and spicing potatoes for baking. This process will save you time the next day when you only have to turn on the oven to prepare dinner.

A crock-pot can become your new best friend. There are a lot of recipe books and resources that include healthy, prepare-in-the-morning-and-leave-all-day recipes, including casseroles, hearty soups and stews.

Cook extra on the weekends and freeze meals like spaghetti and meat sauce, homemade burger patties, and stew.

Whipping something together on the fly

Make a delicious salmon dip for wraps, bread or crackers by using canned salmon with mashed avocado, yogurt, pepper, chopped onions and olives.

Mix a salad with leftover rice, canned beans (drained), diced tomato, cilantro, corn, lemon and olive oil dressing with fresh ground pepper.

Boil some eggs and serve with cashews, leftover rice and tamari or soy sauce.

Make fresh veggies and spicy hummus wraps. Hummus can be pre-made and frozen, canned, or bought pre-made in the store, and serve with olives and avocados, greens, onions, sprouts, etc.

Lightly sauté veggies and garlic (can be sliced the night before) and serve with brown rice or kamut pasta and a butter sauce with diced tomatoes. Add some chili peppers or wild meat sausage, if desired.

Use leftover chicken to make a loaded salad with greens, nuts and seeds, avacados, tomatoes, olives, and Glory dressing. If you haven’t tried this dressing you have to – check out the recipe below.

Amoree Briggs lives in the Yukon countryside with her family and has just completed her diploma in holistic nutrition.

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