Roxanne Contributes, Too

When we moved to McCrae, we were overwhelmed with the size of the space to fill to make a warehouse a home.

As time passed, the kids and I continued to collect things that we found instead of bought, to fill up corners and deaden the sound of too much empty space.

We had a large stairwell that went into a big open foyer that we called Roxanne’s Room, after the mannequin we found who ruled that area of the house. Soon, all of our “decorations” hunting trips were for Roxanne’s Room.

We found this piece as part of an old fridge, hiding in amongst the this-and-thats at the back Country Corner. It was like a lazy susan shelving unit in a fridge.

I’d never seen anything like it and neither had Roxanne, so it became part of the collection and we spent hours and moments thinking of what fun assemblage we could make it into.

Being a part of this wonderful project is more than we would have imagined and the best place for this found treasure of ours.

This special piece of metal, and the story that goes with it, will be part of The Whitehorse Horse sculpture that will be placed at the new Whitehorse Public Safety Building. The artist, Daphne Mennell, hopes you will contribute your own piece of metal and story to the thousands of others that are needed by the end of July. The metal should be approximately 11 inches square and a magnet would stick to it. Please see the Highlights Page of this paper for the drop-off point in your community.

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