For the next two months, the AFY is proud to present the works of Karen Éloquin-Arseneau.

Born on Madeleine Island, Quebec, Éloquin-Arseneau moved to Whitehorse a year and a half ago, with her boyfriend, to try something new. “We were curious and wanted new adventures!”

She originally came just for a visit, but now she plans to stay. She says she really enjoys the active town and the community: “There are so many things to do and we really enjoy the outdoor sports.”

In Whitehorse, she decided to try a new medium, oil paint, as she had previously always used acrylic. It was a change that turned out so well that she now has 19 oil paintings to exhibit.

Self-taught, this artist has been painting for 10 years now. She has never had formal painting classes. She has exhibited her work in five previous shows, but this is her first exposition in the Yukon.

While all of her works have been painted here in Whitehorse, Éloquin-Arseneau has found her inspiration in travelling, as well as in picture books and in magazines such as the National Geographic.

Her creations are greatly influenced by the cultures in other countries. Her preference is to paint children from all around the world, but she explores other subjects, as well.

In this exhibition, you will enjoy a trip around the world.

Some paintings depict Africa; some, South America; and some, Canada. There are a lot of foreign characters represented; however, she has also done a Haida-inspired series on Totem, as well as one on fish, based on her hometown.

Éloquin-Arseneau’s work is dynamic, colourful and true. Her paintings move you. They warm you up. Someone once told her that her paintings were “magic and telling us stories!”

The art exhibition opening was held on Thursday, Jan. 15. Her friends were there to play djembe, percussion, banjo and guitar.

“The Art Exhibit Opening was really nice. Everything was perfect! I thank the AFY for giving me this opportunity.”

Éloquin-Arseneau’s works will be on display until Feb. 27. The gallery is open Fridays from 5 to 7:30 p.m. or by appointment through booking with the Centre de la francophonie.

More information is available at 668-2663, ext. 225 and also by e-mailing

This column is provided by Association franco-yukonnaise. The cultural sector of the AFY holds new art exhibitions every two months to showcase new francophone artists. Francophones and Francophiles can book an exhibition by calling 668-2663, ext. 221.