In 1981, when we purchased our property that overlooks the Yukon River, I spent days working on building our cabin, and evenings meandering around the property.

On one such meander, I came across this blue-enameled pot, down by the river. While I have no idea how it came to be there, I imagined many a romantic origin, the path being a direct route taken by people walking between Whitehorse and Lake Laberge.

Had someone forgotten to pack it up after making supper? Did a canoeist travelling down the Yukon River lose it? The possibilities were endless.

For many years, the blue pot sat on my porch with a showy arrangement of flowers in it.

Then I retired it.

It seems only appropriate for this pot to now take its place in a piece of sculpture.

This special piece of metal, and the story that goes with it, will be part of The Whitehorse Horse sculpture that will be placed at the new Whitehorse Public Safety Building. The artist, Daphne Mennell, hopes you will contribute your own piece of metal and story to the thousands of others that are needed by the end of July. The metal should be approximately 11 inches square and a magnet would stick to it. Please see the Highlights Page of this paper for the drop-off point in your community.