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There are a thousand different styles of dance in the world. The type of dancing you like depends on the type of person you are. This in turn also decides on a group placement for you, in the musical world.

If you like breakdancing, you’re most likely into rap and therefore considered a “Gangster”.

If you’re an angry or loud person, you’d mostly be into metal and, as a “Metalhead”, you’d act more violently in your dancing.

Of course if you like loud, fast music and are into metal studs, then you’d be a “Punk” and your dance would be mostly in mosh pits.

There’s also ballroom dancing: a more graceful, smooth dance with old-fashioned music and costumes.


Now, personally, I like the punk scene. Moshing, the odd head-bang and just fooling around on the dance floor is my kind of dance.

There’s a bunch of different styles of punk music and each talk about different things. For example, there’s Horror, OI and Celtic. Each music type usually has the same type of dance seeing as they all attract the same kind of people.

Every single type of punk music sounds better live.

You’re surrounded by loud, rude teens and the mosh pit is hot, sweaty and painful. That’s what makes live concerts so great. It doesn’t take much to get a mosh pit started either, the music is so upbeat and all your friends are so into it, soon everyone is in the pit.


A mosh pit is the best place to work off energy and have a lot of fun. Moshing is basically spinning, jumping, shoving and punching, wherever you feel like the music is pushing you.

You don’t have specific dance steps and you don’t go one at a time like other dances. This is why moshing can be so violent, because you’re all doing your own thing all at once in a small area. So if you get to the edge it’s pretty simple to get out.

Because the mosh pit is in a smaller area, it’s easier to get pushed out or majorly injured. The people standing around the pit will help you up or push you back in unless you shove your way out.

Also, if you get pushed down and fall over in the pit, others around you will help pull you up before you get trampled, it’s just good manners.

Plus, the more people in the pit, the harder it is to actually fall over because of all the people blocking your fall and pushing you back the other way, rather than there being fewer people so you just go flying across the room.


The pit isn’t an actual pit in the ground; it’s a small area on the floor usually right in front of the stage.

The mosh pit is made up of mostly teenagers, both male and female, slamming into each other. The mosh pit is placed in front of the stage because that’s where most of the music’s intensity comes from.

There’s a lot of energy from the band going into the mosh pit. The band is like batteries, they keep the crowd going as long as they are playing. In return, the crowd’s energy recharges the bands drive and it goes on until the band has run out of songs or a band member passes out.


Punk music is the best music to listen to if you just want to let go. I like how fast and addictive the music is. It’s pretty much impossible to stand still at a punk show. Even if I don’t feel like dancing I still jump and sing along.

Once I start singing though, it pumps me up pretty good. Most punk music is politically based, which gets a lot of people going, because punk is more about rebellion and the music talks a lot about the flaws and stupidity of the governments’ laws. It really gets me in a slamming mood pretty quick.

So, in conclusion, the music you find suits your dance style best … and that depends on your personality.

Whatever makes you feel happy, alive and fun is what the best dance music is for you.

As I said, I like punk music and the quick aggressive style. The fact is that there are no actual rules to the dancing and you have to trust yourself and others not to seriously or fatally injure someone.

This really appeals to me. I like dancing with the music and doing it my style instead of following someone else’s dance steps. It’s also a good way to meet new and interesting people because, in a mosh pit, it’s perfectly normal to run into a total stranger.

It’s an unconventional way to interact with people, but it’s still the most enticing way I can think of.

This is why I believe punk is the best music to dance to.


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