The Lore is ready for Emergence, Are You?

Lauren Tuck was inspired to seriously make music after a previous bad relationship, which has now bought hope for the future.

In 2008, some friends introduced her to Kelvin Smoler. They both shared the same goal and decided they would collaborate. The result is The Lore, who are having a CD release concert for their debut album, Emergence, at the Yukon Arts Centre on December 22.

“When you’re singing and writing you almost think of yourself as a character,” says Tuck. “The Lore is the knowledge of something, and storytelling.”

The two Whitehorse musicians’ love of hip-hop and songwriting, as well as their own life experiences, has provided the starting point for their first release.

“It was only this past summer we decided to make our music together, starting with revisiting the previously made material in the hometown that birthed such dark inspiration,” says Smoler. Later adding, “It was a test to make a conceptual album that carried a particular theme throughout the entire playing time. It was also a test to express very intimate and personal situations in a relationship that ended in devastating heartbreak.”

Tuck and Smoler both explain they connected well with each other’s material. The result, says Smoler, is nothing but potential.

“We do not strive to make an average hip-hop record that will do okay,” he says. “Our goal is to unite as empowered young adults, and make songs in a beautiful landscape that will travel far and inspire people. I really can’t think of a duo like us, and I truly believe we are in reach of a Juno.”

In the meantime the duo has applied to both the Dawson City and Frostbite music festivals.

“We are putting submission for other music festivals. Our CDs should be here in a week or two and we are super excited,” says Tuck.

And though The Lore is keeping its options open, there are currently no plans for an international tour. As Smoler explains:

“We both strive for our individual successes in other facets of our lives too, which tend to keep us in our current locations. We have discussed international festivals to gain exposure, and I’m confident that could come in time… however I know our music needs to be heard in our home country first. Baby steps! No plans for record deals at the moment. Aside from them not being very realistic in the present day of the music industry, record deals aren’t anywhere in my radar, and I say that with a sense of pride. My independent label, 4am Styles, has been, and will continue to be, my method of record releasing for albums I produce.”

They both are excited about their upcoming show on December 22 at 8 p.m. at the Yukon Arts Centre, on the wing. The MC for the evening will be Tara McCarthy. DJ JetPac will be the house DJ for the evening.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the Yukon Arts Centre box office or online at For more information check their Facebook page,

Kareen Dockery is a Whitehorse based writer and music lover.

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