The Unexpected Julie Ménard

Julie Ménard draws, paints and brings you to a place that you surely were not expecting.

As an artist, she wants to pass on a message and enjoys creating a time for reflection. She likes to force you to react to some event happening in our present time or to a thought she holds at that moment.

Ménard thinks that the theme chosen, and the emotions felt, are as important as her resulting piece of art. She feels the need to express herself and enjoys leaving you sharing similar feelings.

Her favourite themes? Everything from current events to ideas that move her profoundly. For example, she has painted a black woman’s breast feeding a white child to express her thinking. She wants to make connections between what is useful and what is pleasant.

The collective exhibition, Les Femmeuses -The Famous, organized by Les EssentiElles in collaboration with the cultural sector of the Francophone Association, is unique, said Ménard.

During that special time, a few women artists create artwork around a single theme. Everyone can be an artist: in this exhibition, there are artists of every kind and every type.

That is what makes Les Femmeuses-The Famous so different and popular. This year’s theme, Women and water, inspired her to create something about healing, water in culture and baths and relaxation.

She started her art piece with a few ideas already and keeps working at it.

Ménard is also going to show her work in June at the Chocolate Claim. Her ultimate goal is to open an art studio where artists from all areas could share a common space and make discoveries.

Being strong, sweet and reserved, she projects a nice mix of ideals and peace. She has participated already in a few exhibitions under her artist name, so not too many people are aware of which artist it is.

Les Femmeuses-The Famous opens on March 4 at 7 p.m. at the Francophone Centre’s Community Hall, 302 Strickland Street, in Whitehorse.

Sylvie Painchaud will be presenting a live performance for that event. The art exhibition will be open every Friday night, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. until April 8.

L’AFY’s cultural sector holds new art exhibitions every other month, promoting emerging Francophone artists’ work. Artists may display their art for two months at a time. An exhibit opening, the hanging of the artwork and the promotion of the event are provided.

This article is courtesy of the cultural sector of the AFY. If you are a Francophone or a Francophile and would like to book an exhibition, please call 668-2663 ext. 221.

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