Folk ‘n’ Fables: Thou Shall Not Lie

His name was David. He had short blond hair and big blue eyes, but he could not tell the truth.

He told his friends that his dad was a general in the army, (his dad was actually a butcher), his mother was a doctor, (she was a secretary in a doctor’s office), his sister was a nun, (he didn’t know what it meant but it sounded good), and his brother was a police officer, (actually his brother was in jail). None of this was true.

If little David had done all he said he had done he would be in his 50s! David, apparently, flew jets, built houses of stone and he also taught a course in philosophy! David was a very busy little boy.

One day while riding his bike David saw a car in the ditch. He leapt off his bike and crawled down the bank and peered into the car. There was a woman in the drivers’ seat! She would not wake up!

David scurried up the bank, got on his bike and raced toward town.

Along the way he saw Farmer Johnson on his tractor. David flagged him down and said, “Mr. Johnson, there is a car in the ditch about half a mile away and there is a lady in it who won’t wake up!”

Mr. Johnson just laughed.

“You are always lying but this is one of the tallest tales you have told,” he said. Then Mr. Johnson drove off.

David jumped on his bike again and kept on towards town.

He saw Mrs. Novak in her yard pruning her roses and again he leapt off his bike.

“Mrs. Novak there is a car in the ditch just after Mr. Johnson’s and there is a lady in it who won’t wake up!”

Mrs. Novak just shook her head and said, “Oh Davey, you are such the boy. Don’t you remember the time you told me that my house was on fire? Such a kidder you are.”

Then she went back to pruning her roses.

Once more David got on his bike and headed for town. This time when he saw Peter from the hardware store he didn’t stop. David went as fast as he could to the police station. He ran right into Constable MacIntyre!

“Please sir, you have got to listen to me. There is a car in the ditch just after Mr. Johnson’s farm. There is a lady in the car and she won’t wake up!’

“Oh David, will you never stop lying?”

“But I’m not lying, I promise.”

“Okay David we will go see, but if you are lying again I will never ever believe you.”

Constable MacIntyre started his police car, David got in and they drove out towards Mr. Johnson’s farm. David showed him where he had seen the car in the ditch, and he and Constable MacIntyre jumped out of the police car.

They found the car and there WAS a woman inside. Constable MacIntyre ran back to his car and phoned for help.

Very shortly an ambulance arrived and the unconscious lady was brought to the hospital, where they were able to save her life.

The lady David helped bought him a new bike because it was all bent and scratched up from leaping off of it. The town held a huge party for David and from that day on David never lied again.

Lisa McKenna has been living in the Yukon for 17 years. She’s been writing since she was a kid, and that’s why she likes writing for kids!

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