When Metal and Music Collide

The Kung Fu Aliens (KFAs) are neither sifus or from outer space; they’re simply five guys who like to have their metal and punk worlds collide.

After one musician switch, the band is now made up of bassist Mckenzie Grant, lead “screamer” Mephistall, drummer Fletcher DeGraff and guitarists Chris Ermatinger and Derek Wyatt.

They’re currently working on their first official recording, Off the Floor, and are planning on having it finished soon and, after deciding CDs are outdated, releasing it on vinyl with digital downloads by January.

“We have more songs than we have time to put them together. They’re way different songs, but there’s also a rule in the band. It’s a three-chord punk-rock band, at heart. That was the point, so one in every five or six songs has to have that beat,” Grant explained.

The “KFAs”, as its adoring fans have come to know it by, began playing about a year and a half ago and had its first show opening for British Columbia Marijuana Party president Marc Emery, for which the members wrote three songs in two weeks.

The all-ages shows are the ones they most enjoy: “Playing at bars is cool because then I can have a drink and it doesn’t have to be hidden inside my vitamin water, but the all-ages shows, the kids, even people in their 20s … people are finally learning that all ages doesn’t mean young kids; it’s all ages.

“But those shows always pack up instantly,” said Mephistall.

The Aliens invaded Shipyards Park for Canada Day this past summer and said it was an interesting change from what they’re used to and that they had to tweak some of their song content to go with the crowd that ranged from age five to 85.

“We have a few songs that are about procreating; gleefully so. We changed the title of one our more infamous songs to Let’s Hug, and it went over great.

There were a couple of 85-year-old women in the crowd who were travelling here, visiting relatives, and afterwards they were wanting T-shirts and CDs and we were just like, ‘We’re just getting started, we don’t have any,’ so they added us to Facebook and I’ve got photos with them.

“It’s great! So we definitely seem to appeal to brackets that we didn’t think we would, so that’s actually kind of nice,” Mephistall expressed.

Upon hearing the band name, Kung Fu Aliens, one doesn’t think of politics. But when they first began playing, they called themselves “Dennis Fentie and the (insert “issue at the time” here), but they dropped the name and have some big plans ahead as KFA.?Mephistall dreams of touring Japan with the band.

Wyatt aims for Alaska and perhaps one day taking on Utah, an inspiration stemming from watching the cult-classic film, Salt Lake City Punk! Grant said touring every summer would be nice but they’re all happy to simply play. “I think as long as we can keep playing, because that’s why we do it.

“Jamming is fun, but we just love the crowd. The energy is like a beast and we’ll try to get filthy rich, as the years go by … once everything takes off. But as long as we’re playing,” said Mephistall.

The band will play at Coasters on Friday, Dec. 4, with Speed Control and Sophisticated Cave Music, and will have some upcoming shows in the works including a Heavy Metal Christmas.

As for what new audience members can come to expect from their live performances, Mephistall says, “There’s not as much nudity as they might expect, but lots of energy and I would say that some of our songs are a bit obnoxious, but we’re still making a point and many of the songs are still gleeful.”

Grant added, “We like each other and I think that comes across.”

Anyone interested in keeping up with the band can befriend Kung Fu Aliens on Facebook.?

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