Women’s Groups Unite

Fired up after a meeting in Montréal, where a day of de-centralized action for women was called, Whitehorse attendees decided on Sunday, March 8 … International Women’s Day.

“That’s perfect for us,” says Jodi Proctor, communications agent with Les EssentiElles, “because we always do something that day.”

“As do we,” says Julianna Scramstad, program co-ordinator at the Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre.

The two give each other an enthusiastic high five and turn back to the interview with satisfied smiles.

The two women’s advocacy groups have teamed up together before on Take Back the Night, Women’s Abuse Prevention Month, Sexual Assault Month and commemoration on Dec. 6 for the 14 women killed at Montreal’s École Polytechnique, but this is the first time for Women’s Day.

“It’s very exciting,” says Proctor. “It’s a bi-lingual event of awareness and celebration.

“There are a lot of strong women in our community.”

The celebration begins at noon at the Francophone Association building at 302 Strickland Street with a “Roll-Your-Own-Sushi Lunch”.

It will be followed by a variety show at 1:30 p.m. The Lady of Ceremonies, Julie Ménard, will first introduce Viola Papequash for an opening speech.

Then there will be Hélène Beaulieu on guitar; Lauren Tuck, spoken word; Marianne Théorêt-Poupart, reading; Michaëlla and Christine Klaassen-St-Pierre, a mother-daughter dance; Danielle Bonneau, singing; Valérie Théorêt, drums; and Katy Organ, reading.

Some of the subject matter may be a little heavy, so films will be shown for children in another room during the event.

As well, Les EssentiElles’ art show, Femmes en actions! (Women in Action), will be available for viewing.

This art show will be featured in What’s Up Yukon in the March 12 issue.

International Women’s Day will be celebrated by the EssentiElles and Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre again, Proctor and Scramstad says. And they both hope Aboriginal groups will take part again with them.

Although this is not a fund-raising event, donations will be accepted at the door in hopes of covering the costs.

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