Play Makers: You like me! Go on, admit it!

When I first moved to the Yukon, like many, I thought it would be temporary — a fling if you will — not a steady relationship.

Sure there was a need to visit relatives and the inkling to see the real North, but I would never have guessed then that almost eight years later I would be calling Whitehorse home and still be referring to her as my girlfriend.

Like many other southern transplants to the North I have talked to, there was the denial period.

Friends would ask how serious it was going, this me-and-the-Yukon thing, and my rebuttal would be nothing major.

“We’re just hanging out.”

For months I would house sit, sleep on foam mattresses, buy cheap cutlery.

My commitment issues stemmed further.

For my first year and a half here, I couldn’t even commit to a “real” mailing address.

Every three months it was the same routine.

Go to Shoppers, pay the fee and keep the box number.

Sure, it would’ve been more financially viable to book for a year or even six months, but why would I when this whole Yukon thing was just short-term?

Others around me would be getting engaged to the North, buying houses and canoes, but not me, I was too in denial.

Eventually I did come to grips and finally admitted I liked her, like for real, not just as a friend.

And I know I’m the only one who was slow to admit I liked this girl called “Yukon”.

Perhaps you, too, now love this territory but, as you read this, can you really admit you didn’t have doubts at first about this “larger than life” lady?

My sister still hasn’t settled down, moving 11 times in the past three years, flopping on couches, living in garages, using cheap cutlery.

Only recently did she have her furniture shipped from down south.

Talk about commitment issues.

Some examples are even worse.

“Oh I don’t live here … I’m leaving this fall … yeah it’s been four years but, whatever.”

And the excuses go on.

All I’m saying is, if you really like her it’s OK to admit it.

If she makes you feel good, makes you a better person and is overall good for your soul, do not be afraid to let her know.

Speak of her proudly and, on occasion, even tell friends and family that you love her and things just might be getting serious.

Don’t get me wrong.

If you are more into the big city girl who wears the fancy brand names and isn’t as moody (weather) that’s cool.

But if not, it just might be time to hunker down, buy the ring and take things to the next level.

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