Yukon Landscape is Poetry for the Eyes

The phone directory: the book that no one reads and everyone uses — no one buys it, but everyone has a copy.

Lately, in the age of the Internet and cell phone technology, people are questioning whether phone books are worth the environmental costs of printing, distributing and recycling.

The NorthwesTel directory serving the Yukon and Northern British Columbia is a slim volume compared to the tomes in more densely populated areas, and as Internet access is not a given in the territory, it’s safe to keep the printed version on hand. And while we still have a phone book it may as well have a beautiful cover reflecting the area it represents.

The NorthwesTel phone directory has showcased local artwork on its cover since 1983. Since 1985, the company has held contests to determine the cover artwork for three directories — the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Northern British Columbia/Yukon.

This year, Whitehorse artist Glenda Mosher’s acrylic on canvas painting “Light Rustles on the Cabin” was selected for our 2013-14 directory.

Encouraged by a fellow artist, this was the second year Mosher entered work into the contest. In addition to winning the phone directory contest, Mosher received the Chamber of Mines 2013 Art Award for her abstract painting, “Mountain Bone.”

After raising her family of four in several provinces, the Nova Scotia-born artist moved to Whitehorse with her husband three years ago.

“Living in the Yukon has been very pivotal in developing my skills as an artist,” she says.

In her acceptance speech at the award ceremony, Mosher said, “I consider it a privilege to share my art with the residents of this amazing territory and British Columbia and hope it will be enjoyed by all who live in the North. Moving to Whitehorse ushered in a new season of life — that of the empty nest — and with it came time and space and energy to pursue my creative longings.”

She has become a big fan of the Yukon’s wild beauty.

“What a place to explore – I step outside my door into a breathtaking reality daily: majestic mountains, crystal air, luminous light, and colors so intense and vibrant I have to take my glasses off to find out if what I am seeing is really so vivid,” Mosher said. “This is poetry for my eyes and sustenance for my creative spirit.”

Northwestel President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Flaherty said they are happy to have Mosher’s artwork on the cover.

“This is a wonderful representation of local winter scenery,” Flaherty said.

Glenda Mosher’s work can be found at Whitehorse galleries Arts Underground and NorthEnd Gallery.

Or, you could look her up in the phone book.

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